Hawlemont Elementary School building


Hawlemont Regional Elementary School (HRES) is planting the seeds of knowledge for teachers, students, and our community. HRES is a rural public elementary school in Franklin County, Massachusetts, and part of the Hawlemont School District

Taking our name from the two towns we serve, Hawley and Charlemont, we are pleased to offer children in preschool through sixth grade our innovative, “farm-flavored” approach to learning. The HAY (Hawlemont, Agriculture, and You) curriculum represents a successful collaboration with local farmers and community members where children engage in hands-on learning as they care for animals, nurture gardens, and develop new skills in a real farm setting.

A Message from Our Principal

Hawlemont is a community full of learners and caring individuals who work together. Students learn to read, write, and learn grade level math concepts as well as participate in physical education, music, library, art and HAY. The HAY program gives students the opportunity to learn about their environment and the world around them through gardening, taking care of our animals, and completing barn chores. Our HAY program continues to grow and cultivate interest from students, staff, and the community.   

With the help from our community, parents, and staff, we provide a place where students can grow socially, emotionally, and academically. We welcome parents and community members to visit our school and volunteer. Without your help, we would not have such a successful place for students to learn and grow. 

Please feel free to set up a tour to come and visit! I welcome you to come and speak with me about any questions you may have. 


Amber Tulloch

Amber Tulloch